just go out

You know how people often say you should make time for you, and for your life as a couple, and you know they are right, but somehow it never seems to happen?

Well, yesterday was one of the days when it happened. But not for a romantic meal, or the cinema, but to a gig, to see a great good old band, The Levellers, in a small venue.

Typically, I did not feel like it, I was tired, it seemed that sleep was as elusive as ever in the last weeks (and years!), as r. has been poorly, and well as I said before, we have many things to do, to plan, to worry about. The duvet sounded much more appealing than going out in the cold to a concert. And I could have done that.

But, luckily, I didn’t. Because within minutes I was jumping around with the crowd and shouting along to ‘there is only one way of life and that’s your own, that’s your own’.

And you know, I suddenly felt very much alive, young, raw, light, present. I am not one to be prescriptive, but you know, in this case, do it.

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