Mothers’ day

In England, it is mother’s day, so for all the mothers out there, happy mother’s day!

I know the whole let’s not-celebrate-because-it’s a commercial invention- argument, but I say, let’s milk it. For me, the best way to celebrate is to extend it a bit through the weekend, and even to the week.. I like the combo to include some family time, some time to do something for me, on my own, baking and going out for a meal all together, nothing fancy though. What does it include for you?

It is an especially good time for articles on mothers on the news, which we will probably make use of, but for now, I will leave you with these one, which caught my eye. This articel discusses new research that shows how becoming a mother makes you smarter, which it is something that for me seems obvious, as it is a moment of constant learning – though I have to say that the not-sleeping thing seemed to play a bit against it for me- but it is always nice when it is confirmed and written about in a national newspaper, enjoy..


2 responses to “Mothers’ day

  1. jumbleberryjam

    Happy Mother’s Day! Ours isn’t until May, but I guess I’m having mine early this year…still on retreat in the mountains. Ahhhh, the silence! 🙂

  2. Thanks! A retreat in the mountains…sounds lovely!

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