Today it happened again, and it has happened so often that it is a bit freaky. Many times, I am thinking of something, somewhere, someone, and r. just says it out loud, out of the blue. Either we are so in tune that she knows, or she has a future in psychic readings….

Does it ever happen to you?


2 responses to “Psychic

  1. This used to happen a ton with my daughter, it’s lessened as she’s gotten older, but still does occur. What I have always thought of, and I have no data of any sort to support it, is something my dad used to tell me about neurofeedback: if you monitor two peoples EEG while they have a conversation their brainwaves begin to look more similar to each others the longer they talk- particularly if they laugh together- and with at least one parent-child pair their EEGs actually began to sync up and mirror each other. So, in a rather literal sense, I think maybe you guys are just on the same wavelength sometimes. 🙂 I’m glad to hear somebody else has experienced this, for sure.

    • Wow, thanks for this, at least it sounds like it has a ‘scientific’ base, thanks for sharing! it feels a bit less weird 🙂 more so because it is not only me! Lucila

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