10 ways in which motherhood changed me

  • The total change of priorities that the overwhelming feelings of love for this little person brought out. And how this gave a new meaning to my relationship with my partner
  • Understanding the importance of female bonding
  • Realising that I could live with broken sleep for more than two years
  • My level of patience rose dramatically, as well as my level of (sometimes forced) flexibility
  • How naive and black and white I was about raising children and how many of the things I thought I knew or wanted to do before having children where wrong for me or did not work
  • I pay attention and trust my gut much more, and stand up for it.
  • I began to hate appointments, getting somewhere on time is not so easy now
  • I dramatically slowed down. My sense of what is productive time changed.
  • It made me question and work on different issues that I have been dragging around
  • I have a new ample avenue for research, worries and indignation

I am sure I left plenty of things out, but this are what come to mind now…how about you?


7 responses to “10 ways in which motherhood changed me

  1. This is a hard question because the #1 thing it did was crush me. I’m still piecing myself back together and hope to be able to have something more to say about it in the coming months.

    Have a safe and happy trip!

    • Thanks, I am in my UK home now, getting adjusted to the silence!
      Sounds like you had a really hard time – was it Posnatal depression? How are you doing? Look forward to hearing how you are doing, and how you make sense of it all.

  2. I agree with all those you mentioned! For me having children has also broadened my sense of my own sexuality, freed me up from a more limiting construct of what is ‘sexy’… and I’m much less private about my body now.

  3. Just laid down to breastfeed my 3 month old back to sleep… and thought of another one – it’s made me feel consciously proud to be a woman, something I never had before.

    • wow! I haven’t thought of these ones, but especially yes to the last one…I did notice I am not bothered about having my breasts out in public for sure…but what you say goes beyond that…hmm love it!

  4. The biggest changes for me:

    1 & 2. The discovery of the awesome ferocity of my love — and also, unfortunately, of my rage.
    3. A very clear sense of what is and is not important. All this stuff I’ve been trying to let go of for years, I’m finally letting go of it all. Slowly. But it’s going.

    Oh, and:

    4. By far the best poetry I’ve ever written in my life.

  5. ahh, the rage! yes, I am there with you too!
    and how good is it that it released a lot of stuff and creative potential…It sure made me less fearful in my PhD writing, but I think because I did not have much time to fret anymore!

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