Great minds think alike, or the power of coincidence

Hello there, hope some of you are still with us, in spite of our very patchy appearance.

What’s the likelihood of two friends getting pregnant at the same time?? quite remote, but here we are. Natalia, who has been much better at organising her time and energy than me, has already told you her news, I wanted to share mine with you too, though I’m sorry it’s a bit late: I’m pregnant, 5 months now…one week ahead of Natalia to be exact!

This is one of the reasons for my absence here in this space. The first three months were just a bare survival in terms of energy, I couldn’t get my body to do and go along with all my plans. My body did not budge: ‘sleep when you can’, was it’s motto. And that’s what I had to do, even if I had a hard time accepting it (and still am!). Also, all I could think those first months apart from sleep was pregnancy and baby related daydreaming…some good, some wondering how the hell I was to cope with two, if I could barely cope with one…There is something about not being able to talk about something that shuts the door for talking about other things…it was as if I was blocked or something.

After those months, house moving suddenly got very near and a holiday break in between with no internet access – apart from a dark cyber cafe- made contributing here very hard. So I apologise for that! and to myself, because I miss this space, I miss it a lot. Now, one week in the new house, I feel today – unlike yesterday!- that things are starting to shape up a bit in our smaller house: in trying to control the overload of THINGS, in finding ways to accomodate different needs, and especially a little one who has been brilliant with all these changes – baby on the way, move, saying goodbye to the nanny, loads of visits from grandparents – but who needs extra re-assurance – running into our bed in the middle of the night, going to bed late because she needs us to stay with her for a loooong time, and who has quite a few unleashings of what looks like madness over little things, but which are obviously her way of taking some steam out…but in the midst of it all, here I am am. I’m back.



6 responses to “Great minds think alike, or the power of coincidence

  1. What happy, happy news! Congratulations. I love it that you and Natalia will be having babies together. I do hope your new home brings you geographically nearer to her. What I wouldn’t give to have another baby alongside a dear friend. Welcome back! I’m looking forward to following both of your new journeys.

  2. Congratulations! I was pregnant at the same time as my best friend and it was the best. But what a surreal, hazy time pregnancy is. Te mando un beso grande!

  3. Que lindo tener noticias tuyas. Te quiero mucho!!!

  4. Thanks so much for your congratulations!! And I am glad you are still out there! Yes, it is great sharing pregnancy troubles with a friend, I love it. Sadly we are still quite far apart, but closer to an airport that would easily take me…hopefully soon! Thanks again, gracias! I missed it here! l.

  5. Lucila, congratulations! I’m sorry for not saying so earlier, but I was afraid of somehow revealing my own “secret.” Dunno how the one word congratulations would have revealed anything, but, you know. Please know that this post meant a lot to me as I was working out my own feelings about my pregnancy!

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