New arrivals at maternalselves

Long time since we wrote the last post here.We want to share with you that Lucila’s son and my daughter were born in January  with just one day of difference! Pretty easy but intense labours ( Lucila’s at home, mine at hospital)

Our lives are a bit hectic at this moment. We would like to share a lot of things with you but we need to wait a bit until we all settle down in this new and exciting life.

Lucila and Natalia


6 responses to “New arrivals at maternalselves

  1. Congratulations to you both!

  2. ¡felicidades! looking forward to hearing more. xo

  3. Congratulations! So lovely to hear from you both. And to hear of your happy news! So very fun that your babes were born only one day apart. Looking forward to catching up once you are all settled later this year.

    • Thanks to all of you for your words. We are both eager to start writting in this blog again. I’ve talked to Lucila today and I’ve told her that while writting this short post yerterday, E. managed to empty a whole shelf of books !!! Natalia

  4. Hurrah, hurrah! Welcome to the little ones, and congratulations to you both — and your families, too! xox

  5. Hello Lucila – congratulations on the little boy! I’ve not got an up to date email for you do send it along.
    By the way, great way of generating blog traffic, having babies.

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