About this blog

This blog is a space to think aloud about issues of motherhood and feminism. The aim is to unravel and re-figure what the intersections of the personal and the political look like when talking about feminism and motherhood.

We will explore different themes, such as the politics of feeding, embodiments and interventions during pregancy and labour, body image, gender socialisation, life-work issues. Throughout the different themes, we will try to bring out the issues that these themes bring up in terms of  the meanings and practices of feminist motherhood, the intersections of the individual and the collective, of the personal and the political, of the boundaries of the public and private spaces.

Our background is academic work, and this blog will reflect that, but hopefully will be able to weave personal experiences, theory, and critical media commentaries, as well as be open to the experience and work of others.  We will do informal reviews of academic articles, of news, link with other blogs and articles as well as relate to our personal experiences, our doubts, our thoughts about how these ideas, these issues are entangled in our lives. We will have days when we write in English, and days when we write in Spanish too, to reflect and connect with our different backgrounds, and the places where we live and come from.  The idea is to have a different space, one in which we can experiment, be more tentative, show our thoughts in process, in ways that maybe academic work does not leave space for.

We, Natalia and Lucila, were both mobilised by our experiences as mothers and we found that feminism helped but also sometimes hindered us in trying to frame many of our concerns. Although we started reading avidly anything related to the subject we realised that without writing, sharing and without working with other women we will never be able to think through all the questions and issues that trouble us. This is why we decided to start this blog. Hope you can join us in this undertaking.

If you want to email, do so at maternalselves at gmail dot com


One response to “About this blog

  1. patricia pereda

    Voy a convertirme en fiel seguidora de los pensamientos y reflexiones feministas

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