I am a woman, mother, wife, friend, student, academic, now blogger, amongst many things. I was born in Argentina, though I have been living in England for the past 8 years, sharing now my life with my english husband. Since becoming a mother two years ago, I have become more and more drawn to study issues on motherhood and feminism, as these are so tangible, interesting, enraging and inspiring for me. One of the ways of channeling this was to start a reading group on motherhood and feminism. This blog is another. Since I have recently finished my PhD in Geography at the Open University, I feel the need to explore new themes, and to be able to be more playful, tentative and  brave in terms of experimenting and showing different thought processes, that link different, more personal, experiences, emotions and politics.  Hopefully this will be the space that allows me to do just that.


I come from the Basque Country and am currently living in Scotland with my partner, my son and my daughter. I am an academic and I became interested in issues surrounding mothering when I got pregnant. Since then, Lucila and I have started thinking about the different spaces in which we could share and talk about our experiences as mothers, women, partners and academics, among other identities. First we started a reading group on mothering and feminism, and this is our second project together. I see this space as a place in which I can express my conflicting selves (the mother, the academic, the partner, the daughter), but also as an opportunity to talk about my personal and my political as interrelated and connected areas, at the same time engaging with other people and discussing similar experiences and topics.

If you want to email us, do so at maternalselves(at)gmaildotcom


7 responses to “Authors

  1. Hello Lucila and Natalia

    Do you think you could add a Follow button, so I can be alerted to your posts?

    Thanks for sharing your ideas here.

    Catherine in Australia

  2. Welcome from another Natalia, from Slovenia. Sometimes being a mother is what brings out the true feminist in us. Glad to be reading you (and thanks to the Blue milk for heads up)!

  3. jumbleberryjam

    Sorry to post this personal question to Lucila here, but I don’t see any other way to contact her. Lucila, I’m a radical geographer, too. Don’t suppose you’re heading to the US in the coming days to attend the AAG annual meeting?

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